Ishwari Bal Vidya Mandir
About Us:
Our Philosophy
We strongly believe in…
… that children blossom in an environment free of unhealthy fear
… that each child will blossom but at different times; so we have to give each one the time
… that reward rather than punishment facilitates learning
… that teaching is never complete till learning is complete
… that we need to teach the way students can learn
… the world is beautiful because of the variety
A school with the best practices, learning and evolving, while retaining Indian ethics, customs and traditions.
To send out into the world children who are confident and capable of realising their potential as they grow, learn and evolve into worthy citizens.
Our logo and prayer
"Uttishtha Jagrut Prapya Varanya bodhat!!"
"Utho Jago Aur Laksya Prapti tak Mat Ruko"
"Wake up! No one else can do this for you. You can be the disciple of God…"
The school is running by "Ishwari Bal Vidya Mandir Samiti"
  • President Smt Suman Deshpande
  • Vice-President Smt Sushil Bagga
  • Secretary Smt Saraswati Verma
  • Treasurer Shri Subhash Verma
  • Members Smt Bai Thakur
Smt Priti Verma
Shri Jait ram
Smt Sangeeta Verma